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People and the planet have paid the price of crooked corporations for too long.

With rules to hold businesses accountable, the products we need will no longer be tainted by suffering and destruction. In early 2022, the EU proposed a law to turn corporate accountability into a reality. But this is just the first step to cleaning up supply chains built on exploitation.

We need your help now to stand up against corporate lobbyist attempts to water down the proposal. We must defend rules that really make business more just. Rules that work for you, us, and the planet we depend on.

Justice is Everybody’s Business is a new campaign supporting communities and workers around the world with 10 clear demands for EU leaders.

A just world has no place for unjust business!

We demand a EU law that:

1. Makes companies respect people and the planet,

2. Puts strict obligations to prevent and end harm,

3. Holds parent companies responsible in court for harm that happens anywhere in their supply chain,

4. Guarantees collective bargaining and gives workers’ reps a real say in due diligence,

5. Makes companies slash emissions throughout their value chains,

6. Holds companies accountable for all possible harms to the environment,

7. Applies due diligence to all business relationships,

8. Empowers people harmed by bad business, trade unions and civil society to get justice,

9. Consults everyone affected by business activities, and obtains consent when needed,

10. Gives enforcement agencies the power to thoroughly investigate and sanction companies.