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Dr. Pınar Kara’s Book on Tort Liability in Multinational Groups is Published

Minerva BHR's Co-Founder and Vice Chairperson's book titled "Tort Liability in Multinational Groups - A Comparative Analysis with Particular Focus on Turkey" is published!

Legal Grounds for Civil Liability

Based on Dr. Kara's PhD thesis, the book sheds light on legal grounds for civil liability of multinational corporations in regards to human rights violations occurring throughout global supply chains. While the main focus is on Turkish law, other jurisdictions were also analyzed; English law on the duty of care and French and German laws on human rights due diligence.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

In addition to civil liability based analysis, the book also covers private international law related points such as applicable law and jurisdiction in civil liability claims against multinationals, which lies at the core of providing an effective remedy to human rights victims.

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