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Our Focus

Minerva BHR’s main objective, in the light of UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, is to promote responsible business conduct in global supply chains. As a pioneer in the business and human rights field in Türkiye, Minerva BHR advocates for corporate responsibility to respect human rights.

To this end, Minerva BHR aims to work with all stakeholders in order to develop and implement viable, feasible and practical solutions while bridging a dialogue between all public, private and civil actors by using its local knowledge informed by international best practices. Indeed, Minerva BHR’s team has come together with a multi-faceted approach, leveraging their global, regional and local expertise.

Understanding Impacts of Business Activities on People 

  • Gap Analysis
  • Human Rights Risk Assessment

Human Rights Due Diligence

  • Embedding HRDD across business operations / Supply Chain Due Diligence
  • Creating robust human rights policies and strategies
  • Stakeholder Engagement to better understand root causes and facilitate collective solutions
  • Setting up / Improving Grievance Mechanism
  • Capacity Building & Tailored Training
  • Monitoring, Evaluating and Communicating Performance

Emergency Response in Supply Chains

  • Design and implementation of emergency remediation action plans to prevent human rights risks

Human Rights Monitoring and Policy Development for Responsible Business Conduct

  • Documenting Business Respect for Human Rights in Türkiye
  • Impact analysis of the various EU regulatory initiatives of relevance to business and human rights in force or under development by the EU on Türkiye
  • Conducting national baseline assessment for a national action plan on business and human rights in Türkiye
  • Promoting active integration of UN Guiding Principles into voluntary and mandatory standards

Agricultural Supply Chains

Child Labour

Occupational Health and Safety

Gender Equality & Women Empowerment

Conflict Affected and High Risk Areas

Climate Change and Environment

Modern Slavery & Forced Labour

Freedom of Association

Textile & Garment