Çiğdem is a qualified lawyer and a BHR expert with a PhD in public law with thesis on “A Right-Based Approach to Companies’ Human Rights Responsibility: Human Rights Due Diligence”


Ph.D. Istanbul Bilgi University
LL.M. Universiteit Leiden
LL.B Bilkent University

In 2016, Dr. Çımrın established her own private practice with the purpose of contributing back to society by taking on the challenge of safeguarding rights and freedom in a very complex country setting. Because, after a decade long intensive years at international law firms advising investors in transactions as a corporate lawyer, she came to an afflictive conclusion that “business as usual” poses serious risks and irrevocable damages to people and people’s habitat.  Her PhD studies on public law facilitated this transition as she had found an important venue (BHR) where she could blend her professional experience with her academic studies on human rights.

In 2017, she was appointed as the National Consultant at the “Giving Refugees a Voice Project”. The goal of the project was to show that the use of Syrian workers in the Turkish apparel supply chain is systemic. They used a technology-based tracking system and confirmed their findings by making spot checks to upstream suppliers in designated locations, which enabled them to expose actual labour conditions in lower tiers.

She has continued advising local and international NGOs operating in humanitarian sector and public-benefit agencies on sustainable and legally compliant operation strategies. She has also worked with for-profit-organizations from different sectors. She has supported companies in developing solutions both strategic and operational levels and help them to build the vision, systems and capacity that they (and their extended supply chain partners) need for tackling modern slavery.

For the past three years, she has been managing the Centre for Child Rights & Business’ Turkey projects as its Country Lead and facilitating the Centre’s networking and collaboration activities by acting as its representative in Turkey.

Dr. Çımrın also advises ILO and UNDP in a project on responsible business conduct in Turkey.

Selected Project Roles

External Collaborator of International Labour Organization (ILO) for the research project regarding the “Preliminary Assessment of the Regulatory Framework on Responsible Business Conduct in Turkey under the ILO-UNDP Collaboration on Responsible Business Practices and Human Rights”.
Training Expert on “Business and Human Rights” for the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey within the Monitoring Human Rights Situation and Advocating for Compliance with International Human Rights Framework.
Senior Project Manager in the “Children’s Rights Risk Assessment and Childcare Support in the Rose Supply Chain in Turkey Project” funded by an European cosmetic company.
-Senior Project Manager of the Centre for Child Rights and Business for the “Pilot of a business-driven model to enable child labor prevention, remediation and child protection beyond compliance in Lidl’s hazelnut supply chain in Turkey” funded by GIZ and a German international retail company.
National Short-Term Independent Expert regarding Legal Advisory for the Syrian Civil Society Organizations Operating in Turkey in “Qualification Initiative for Local Administration and Civil Society II” implemented by GIZ.
National Consultant at “Giving Refugees a Voice Project” funded by C&A Foundation. The project goal was to show that the use of Syrian workers in the Turkish apparel industry is systemic and to engage with a wide range of stakeholders including brands and their associated-suppliers, MSIs, business associations, NGOs, trade unions, government to implement changes in workplace conditions.